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"The wolves' afternoon"


“Termini ” ©Takuji Otsuka  禁無断転載

Having been visiting Italy since 2010 and taking photographs of it, I am sometimes asked: “Why Italy?”

For me, I would rather question: “On the contrary, is there any place other than Italy?”

The trail of history where city-state Rome was created in 753 BC by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus who were raised by wolves; and it developed from Republic to Imperial Rome under the protection of Gods.

Isn’t it worth devoting one’s life to take photographs of the streets with remnants of such heritages as well as people?

Stillness and motion, the negative and the positive, those in the opposite.

God and something called Death.

Stability and the sense of instability.

The thought conceived deeply through taking photographs for a long period of time has started to be photographed in the domain of unconsciousness and gathered.

The process of selecting photographs based on multiple key words is a completely different act from the one during taking photographs, replacing those unconsciously photographed with musical scores of consciousness.

And finally, there has started to emerge something “vague” that is not concrete nor can be described as abstract.

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