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Takuji Otsuka

"MY precious one"

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'My Precious One'

24th December 2015,
My mother passed away at the age of 72
Based on my mother's daily life artistic expressions and her letters for me,
I tried to create something to resemble her personality
When I opened her past photo album,
there was a huge number of flower photos,
and at the back of the photos were the dates and some messages
Everything was so pure and so my mother,
Her thinking, her love
Everything was left behind
without fading away
After I left home for Tokyo, she had been writing letters to me.
They should be her wishes and the record of her thought.
I can't help to feel her unique emotion expressions.
The prayers continued until a few months before my mother passed away
That's the dedication to Buddha.
Such application is somehow familiar with the thought of folk art
deeply associated with "the beauty of use".
This publication is linked with the symbolic world of flowers,
With vivid presentations of the letters,
Forming a double structure

This is a conceptual art book attempting to transcend the creations of my mom as art themed with


December 24, 2015
Mother died 72 years old
I have an artistic expression rooted in my mother's life
Using a letter addressed to me
I tried to leave my mother's personality in the work

When I open the remaining album
Contains a huge number of flower photos
The date and words were attached to the back of the photo.

Pure and ferocious mother's activities
Mother's will and love
Without disappearing
Was left there

Letters that arrive every week since I came to Tokyo
I'm sure I will write down my thoughts and pray
Don't think it's my mother's own statement

The act of prayer that continued until a few months before my mother died
Dedicated to Namu Amida Butsu
Other powers This application is familiar with Mingei thought
It is deeply linked to "beauty of use".

This book also has letters by linking with the world that symbolically captures flowers
It has a double structure of being dynamic

Sublimated my mother's work as art with the theme of flowers
It is a conceptual art book work that looks like


Onaeba vol.26 / 2020


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