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志賀理江子Waiting for the Wind
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ロバート・フランク写真集評 PARIS

“北の丸公園” ©Takuji Otsuka  禁無断転載

              A Dream of Cherry Blossoms

Hanami has been popular in Japan since the Heian period.
Cherry-blossom viewing season is limited, and people go out in between rains.
During the Heian period, people's cherry-blossom viewing was a tasteful game in which they visited one famous cherry blossom site after another, loved the beauty of the flowers, and composed poems.
Works inspired by historical illustrated scrolls of The Tale of Genji
With the spirit of composing a waka poem, at the same time, he imagines the dystopian landscape of this world.
Learn from ukiyoe and paint customs.
Falling petals conjure the thoughts of warriors who died in battle.
Cherry blossom viewing is an instant delight
International Crisis, Political Will and Political Readiness in the Ukraine War
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